About Us

Keep Climbing (The Keep Climbing Project, Inc.) is a non-profit, non –political and non-denominational organization with the goal of honoring the needs of children who have lost a parent serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Our primary mission is to show these children, and siblings, that we Americans recognize their loss; we’re here to help them come to the realization that anything is possible with perseverance. For Keep Climbing, reaching the summit of a mountain, or completing an arduous hike, is symbolic of this goal.

Keep Climbing’s leadership is diverse: climbers, social workers, rehabilitation professionals, military, nature enthusiasts, business and more. What we all have in common is the passion to make a difference in families of fallen soldiers.

Keep Climbing is helping to meet this need.

Why We Climb

We’re of the opinion that climbing with the intent of reaching the top enables these bereaved youngsters to not only cope with their loss and their suffering, but to catch a glimpse at the big picture — what life can bring them with a little sweat and effort. And we’ve proven again and again how climbing can give an instant boost to a participant’s self-esteem, confidence and awareness.

Learning the fundamentals of climbing — or any of the other activities we organize and operate at Keep Climbing— and then successfully accomplishing that activity, tends to make the participant even more eager to participate and conquer other challenges that give them a sense of accomplishment and well-being.

And all along the way — from the planning, to the training, to packing, participating and helping fellow climbers, to actually completing the climb, these kids have a hand in developing the caliber of their character.

But what we don’t want to leave out of this equation is the adventure a climb can bring to a youngster coping with internal strife and grief. Nothing beats the wilderness when it comes to right-sizing a human being.

Everything, it seems, is bigger than life in the outdoors. And it’s in exploring that environment that a youngster can come face to face with his or her own reality. And begin to deal with it.

We hope you’ll support us in our efforts today.

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