Frequently Asked Questions

Are there costs for participants of Keep Climbing?
No. Any special gear, along with flights, food and accommodations, are covered by the program.

Do I have to buy any special equipment or gear for my adventure?
No. All special equipment will be provided. (You can get a list of what you need to bring from the Keep Climbing Staff prior to coming.)

Who is eligible to participate?
Children and siblings ages 14 and older whom have had a family member killed in combat are eligible.

How do I get the process started?
Apply online. We’ll then contact you to follow up.

Is Keep Climbing a one-time event, or can I continue to participate for years to come?
We encourage continued participation in events on an annual basis if not more.

How can I refer or recommend a potential participant?
Simply contact us at Keep Climbing.

How can I get involved through volunteer opportunities?
Please visit our Volunteer page for details on how you can help.

Are my donations tax deductible? And, how do I get the proper paperwork for my records?
Yes, Keep Climbing is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization*. Once a donation is received we will provide you with all the necessary receipts and documentation.

Can I make a donation for a particular or specific participant?
Yes. If you have a specific participant in mind that fits our criteria, let ups know.

* The nonprofit status has been filed, but determination is still pending.