volunteeringIf you’re a fan of Keep Climbing Inc., no doubt you believe in our mission to help meet the needs of children or siblings who have lost a parent serving in our Armed Forces. And, maybe you’ve entertained the idea of helping out — of becoming a Keep Climbing volunteer. If so, we’ve got a few  ideas for you to consider.

There are times when it seems like there are more tasks to perform than there are professional staff members available to complete those tasks. The giving of personal time and talent is immeasurable to a nonprofit wilderness therapy group such as ours. And it’s doubtful you’ll find anyone more grateful for assistance than those of us running the day-to-day operations in order to get kids into the mountains and working on their self-confidence.

For instance, volunteer help in our administrative offices is always welcome, whether that means creating flyers, registering participants or contributing to our website. If you’re particularly good at promoting causes, we can use you in our fundraising efforts, or to write grants, or spread the word about Keep Climbing Inc. in your local community.

If you’re a clinical therapist, an experienced wilderness coach, or a first-responder with climbing experience and some time on your hands, we can certainly use your expertise. Maybe you’re a professional photographer who wants to visually record our climbs for posterity. You can volunteer to become a committee member, or a board member, or a guest instructor or camping assistant.

Whatever your expertise, we’re more than willing to take full advantage of it in order to help these kids get grounded by climbing. As a Keep Climbing volunteer, you can use your skills to help benefit our kids while working with a nonprofit wilderness therapy organization with one goal in mind: Showing these grieving youngsters that Americans not only recognize their loss, but are eager to provide them with the conviction that anything is possible.

hyper-arrow Please fill out our online Volunteering Form.

Have questions? Please call us at (888) 601-8522 and ask to speak to the volunteer coordinator. We’ll be happy to put you right to work!